Can You Tip The “Boat”?!

Well there is a rumor going around that it is possible to tip the boat by drilling on it. The reward would be 4000 coins and the red cape, but i dont believe that you can. Well you CAN’T tip the iceberg, you CAN’T tip the dock, now can you tip the boat? Try it, it just might work!

Edit: You can not tip the boat. It’s impossible.


48 Responses to Can You Tip The “Boat”?!

  1. Mandmsarecol says:

    lol! I wish geting coins was a lot easyer!

  2. Mandmsarecol says:

    wow… blmeister016 got to the comments before me!

  3. Anna liversedge says:

    I tiped the boat it goes up and down

  4. Anna liversedge says:

    I tiped the boat

  5. Mandmsarecol says:

    It goes up and down… yes but thats not tipping it, you see i have tried to tip the boat on a secret server (so i wouldint look dumb) and i tried for 30 mins. and nothing happended! IT IS (almost)IMPOSSIBLE! Dont get me wrong, it IS possible to tip the iceburg.
    Well, i could be wrong, there is still some hope that you can tip the boat… but it is not likely.
    Mandmsarecol :mrgreen:

  6. hesscar says:

    how do you get a hard hat?

  7. Mandmsarecol says:

    Uhhhh, ok this is random but i suddenly have the urge to have a bannana, well i didint have much to eat at lunch so i guess that makes sence! :mrgreen:

  8. superfal says:

    i am non member and i have no hard hat:( how do i get one(and no i ain’t payin’)?

  9. Mandmsarecol says:

    I am sorry superfal but you needed to be a member to get that item and even if you were a member it’s not in the catolouge any more. That’s the way it goes…

  10. Jack Sparrow says:


  11. Mandmsarecol says:

    The boat is at the dock. 😀

  12. darkbeagle says:

    i already have the red cape so it really doesnt matter.
    Editors comment: Yeah, so do I! It rocks! 😀

  13. karen says:

    where can i get a hard hat?i’ve been looking for it because i wasn’t a mem when it was in the catiloge!!! plzzzzzz tell me

  14. the doom says:

    can you get gold puff thing you know 1 of those fat hairy things can you get a gold 1

  15. hafedom says:

    u can tip the boat me and co. did it!

    you get 2 people to drill

    and 1 person dance

  16. the doom says:

    really hafedom so you get 2 people to drill

    and 1 person dance

  17. Mandmsarecol says:

    Really? For how long do you have to do it?

  18. dollymixture says:

    I want a hard hat

  19. Mandmsarecol says:

    Just a question… why does everyone want a hard hat? Im wondering if it’s the same person posting the question… 🙄

  20. Mandmsarecol says:

    Oh, and karen, the hard hat is not avalible anywhere now, but it will be back in another catolouge.

  21. jon1050 says:

    the hard hat is free at the minning place!

  22. jon1050 says:

    o wait srry that one is diffrent

  23. Bubblegum says:

    I know, i think madmsarecol wrote that before he went on Club Penguin that day…

  24. hesscar says:

    how do u tip the ice burg

  25. says:


  26. George says:

    Dudez, You can’t tip the boat, you can’t tip the ice berg, it’s just people that are wasting your time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You can be having fun instead of listening to all this

  27. George says:

    Mandmsarecol you can’t tip the boat it’s just impossible man, so don’t waste any time trying to do it.


  28. ilikepie101 says:

    i like cheese

  29. Mandmsarecol says:

    George, I know that. Correction: Ive known that. You have to understand

  30. Mandmsarecol says:

    oh, and I like cheese too :mrgreen:

  31. bomber2 says:

    i have all 4 capes! red, blue, green, black and three viking helmets!

  32. edwardo90 says:

    if u want d lolly pop were the hell is it

  33. reter says:

    hi im troy i yrt tr y rty rt y rty rt yr ty rt y tr ytr r yrty rt ytr y tr ytr y rty rty tr yrt y try you butt face lol y? are you stupid butt face what the hek idk dfdsf sdfdsf sdfsd fsdfds fsdf sdf sd f sdf sd f sd f dsf ds f dsf sd f dsf sd f ds fsd f ds fsd f ds fds g fdhft h gfh rt y th hf ghf gh fg hf dg fd gd ds sa we wr e tre t re ytr y tr try g g g g f g g fdg fdg df gdf g d g fdg fd gfd g fdg df g fdg dfg df g fdg df g df g g g g g g g g fdgdf g df g fd gfd g fd g huh oh well you stupid anyway bye retarts

  34. reter says:


  35. Bluey Hunter says:

    WHERE IS THE FREAKING HARD HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Bluey Hunter says:

    THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. tikato says:

    I like cheese

  38. tikato says:

    Can you tip the iceberg

  39. tikato says:

    And can you get the hard hat now?
    When will it be back?

  40. westropen says:

    i like big butts and i cannot lie.

  41. George

    For the most part I agree with you and enjoy reading your posts.

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