Happy (almost) Mothers Day!

Just a post wishing all moms a VERY happy mothers day! It is a shame CP (not to my knowledge) is not doing anything to celebrate.  😦

Oh well,

Mandmsarecol   :mrgreen:


5 Responses to Happy (almost) Mothers Day!

  1. arianna says:

    true and cool (confuseing though )

  2. arianna says:

    randy i know this is wierd but i i luv u

  3. blmeister016 says:

    arianna, are u his boyfriend?

  4. Mandmsarecol says:

    Well i was wrong saying that CP wasnt doing anything for mothers day, kinda. You see there is a rose pin… hmmmm, mabey it has something to do with mothers day? 🙂

  5. carson read says:

    do u think u could make an awsome game to put at the cove so there is something to do.and also make a cave for people to go in that is for members and nonmembers.my club penguin name is dasani 15 and i get on every day in the mornings afternoon and at night.please let these things happen because i think it would be cool for everybody on club penguin.And i will spread the news to my friends about club penguin.please email me back about this comment.

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