School :(

OMG! I DONT LIKE HATE SCHOOL! Uhggg. Homework is getting me down. People are really getting on my last nerve! They dont like me… but i dont really care about them, i am really only best friends with 5 people… and you know who you are! I am tired too… this is why i made this part of my blog… to express my daily stuff… it is boring though…



4 Responses to School :(

  1. arianna says:

    lol it is so cool it rocks so true ….. i hate school 2
    … luv ya

  2. blmeister016 says:

    HEY, MANDMSARECOL I AM NOT A HACKER. i just wanted to tell u that im going into junior high this year, i can already tell that my year is not gonna be like yours. if u want a really good school go transfer to kenston forest school in Nottaway,Blackstone,Virginia, U.S.A. thats all

  3. Mandmsarecol says:

    Thanks 4 the suggestion! Also im happy that you dont hack! I dont like hacking, its cheating, not like secret items, but like illigal cheating. I can brag that i am 110% hack free! 😀

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