Candy Pizzas, 300 Coin Cart Surfer Cheats, Viking Helmets, Oh My!

Cheat time! 😀 Ok, first candy pizzas! When you first load pizzatron 3000 there is a picture of the pizza making machiene, when you look down you should see to the bottom right a red lever, click on that lever and you should see that lever move. Then click play. You should now be making candy pizzas! With candy pizzas you also get twice the coins! Next, is the cart surfer cheat! This is only a techneiqe though. First when you play Cart Surfer you do a back flip, then a 360 (it doesnt matter which way), do that in a pattern (backflip, 360, backflip, 360, backflip, ect.) and grind all the turns. Next, after the 4th turn, crash, continue the pattern and do one more turn and then crash again. Do 1 more turn and then crash again. Then continue the patern untill you see the light. Then the page will load and if you did well enough, you should have 300 or more coins. Try to improvise when you crash sometimes, it might help! Last but not least, the Viking Helmet in this months clothing catalogue! It’s easy! You just click on the fl0wer hat and up pops the Viking Helmet! Close out of that window 3 times and you get the blue Viking Helmet! No, there is NOT a gold Viking Helmet this month… 😦

Wow that was a lot! 😀

Mandmsarecol :mrgreen:


51 Responses to Candy Pizzas, 300 Coin Cart Surfer Cheats, Viking Helmets, Oh My!

  1. dramagirl11 says:

    r u there if u r then talk to me plzzz

  2. Agent penga says:

    i already knew those cheats

  3. Mandmsarecol says:

    So? Is there something wrong with that?

  4. fajlkkklkllklk; says:

    how do you back flip

  5. Mandmsarecol says:

    To do a back flip you press the down arrow key and press the space bar. it’s pretty easy when you get used to it.

  6. Rocky0196 says:


  7. joy says:

    o k well for cart sufer thats wut i nomally do the stuff u said but i dont get wut u mean i dont c one and i do exactly wut u say ?! do u mean if u do that u can get over 300 coins cuz i do that anyway

  8. Mandmsarecol says:

    It is just a tip, no pressure

  9. Ermes Return says:

    is any body there i need to ask a question

  10. bespin says:

    when is the gold viking helmet going to be in the catalog hidden???do you know

  11. bespin says:

    o and madmsarecol its bespin im allways on mamoth at the dock, if you see me be my buddie!!

  12. Mandmsarecol says:

    Bespin, I do not know when the Gold Viking helmet will be out again. I already have it so I did’nt give that question much thought before you asked me…

  13. roadrunnerr says:

    if any one has a membershiped penguin please email it to me
    at and i want won that is not banned forever or at all

  14. fferdinand11 says:

    my highest score on cart surfer is 4600 (460 coins) so far 🙂

  15. hitlers back forever says:

    my highest score on cart surfer is 5617 ( 561 coins!!!)

  16. Rachel says:

    I am so glad that these work;P

  17. Rachel says:

    P.S. I like your nameHitler

  18. selcone says:

    hn bgtg tredcb verdtgfcxtvb vgtgn m ,m l8kujmng

  19. Abbey says:

    How you do the 360 and the back flip on cartsurfer
    plzplzplzplz tell me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Abbey says:

    this month the viking helmet is on the swim suit were is says CP on the swim suit

  21. moderator says:

    i now how to do the bloomin 360 but not the back flip to do the 360 you have to press space bar then press left or right it dosnt matter which one and youve succsecfuly done a 360

    to thank me type ‘thp’ and two thowsand pounds will apper xtra on yur club penguin account if your dumb ill tell you where to type it type it on this website

  22. hey cool it works and the two thousand pound thing works aswell

    thanks modarator

  23. abbey says:

    hey hes right it works

  24. marymax says:

    when i press the down key and the space bar it just runs with the cart grrr its soo annoying what shall i do???????

  25. Danny says:


  26. ashley tisdale says:


  27. Flipper G says:


  28. Flipper G says:

    I Got 1085 Coins When I Finished Pizza Parlor With No Mistakes And I Got 1285 Coins When I Finished It Dessert Style But It Gets Boring And Is A Bit Too Long. I Only Get About 280 Coins When I Play Chart Surfer. Usually When I Keep Playing Puffle Round Up For About 5 Times I Get About 1020 Coins. I Know I Trick On Pizza Parlor But It Might Not Work Any More But You Should Try It Just In Case It Works But If It Doesnt Then Sorry For Wasting Your Time. Well What You Do Is When Your Finished At The End Of Pizza Parlor (Dessert Or Normal) Click Tab Untill The Yellow Box Goes Around The Finish Button (I Think Its A Finish Button, Or Maybe Its A End Button) Anyway Once Youve Done That Click Enter A Few Times. If You Click Enter Like 5 Times It Will Times The Amount Of Money You Earned By 5.

  29. Flipper G says:

    Im A Member!! Yeah!! (Its My First Time Being A Member)

    Ive Only Been On Club Penguin For 8 Months (Ive Got Loads Of Pins!


  30. Flipper G says:

    😀 😀

  31. Flipper G says:

    Oh So That How You Do Those Smileys.

  32. Flipper G says:

    I Have 30215 Coins But I Need 40870 Coins If I Want To Buy All The Things I Want. Im Not Actually A Member Yet But I Will be In A Few Days And Im Soooo Excited!! I Have Gotten A Calculator And Added Up How Much My Puffles Will Cost, Their Toys, Furntiture, Clothes, Costumes, Igloo Upgrade, And Sports Stuff Will Cost And My Goal Is To Get Enough Coins Before I Become A Member Even Though I Cant Wait Any Longer!! Yay!! Ive Just Recently Turned 11!! All My Friends Are That Age And Now I Am Too!! Yay!!

  33. samantha says:

    this is so cool

  34. xander129 says:

    any one there?

  35. xander129 says:


  36. xander129 says:

    addios bye!!

  37. blah balgasfdf says:

    backflips dont really work

  38. emily khan says:

    how do you get it i need to get my friend a igloo by tonight omg help me i am going mad its so hard how do u get that much its so tireing im already asleep haha.!!!!!!!!!!!zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  39. emily khan says:

    i know backflips do not work if they really do how do they work ha they dont prove it plz???????……………

  40. emily khan says:

    it does not work

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  42. Samoln says:

    OK, the backflip DOES work wat u do is
    press down arrow
    then when your penguin is leaning back,
    press space
    BACKFLIP COUNTS AS 100 POINTS (ten coins)

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