New Igloo Stuff

On friday the new igloo catolouge came out along with the new igloo flooring. The new stuff was a hit! The new flooring was painted-on dance steps and a dance-floor flooring. The dance-step flooring was not so popular and was ugly in most igloos, but the dance floor flooring was really popular and looked so cool in my igloo, it was by far my favorite igloo flooring. 😀 It was also my favorite furniture catolouge. That came out on friday too. Its top items were the DJ Booth, the microphone, the posters, and the concert lights. It is a shame that Club Penguin made the Big Screen TV cheat free. Overall, this was a high point in Club Penguin catolouge history. :mrgreen:

Mandmsarecol :mrgreen:


One Response to New Igloo Stuff

  1. Rocky0196 says:

    I told them to add d.j. tables, dance floors, and mircophones

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