The Cove!

Last weekend i was busy on Club Penguin and could’nt find out how to put pictures on my blog so i could’nt tell you about the members party. This is going to be hard because almost everyone in CP has seen the cove now but non-members, here was what the party was like.

The party was stuffed and cramped but fun anyways. The trees were covered in blue ribbon-like stuff. In the cove there was a DJ booth and nice music going on in the background (to bad its gone now). In the forest there was a big sign that said “The cove is down the stairs!” with a penguin pointing down to the cove and there was also a juice booth near the trees. There were free whistles and life rings there too (the whistles are still there for non-members but the life rings are gone).

It was a nice party but now that all the decorations are gone the cove looks blank. But there is some weird new building that looks like it is under construction at the cove. Better check this weeks newspaper.


Mandmsarecol :mrgreen:


3 Responses to The Cove!

  1. IamSkylar says:

    cool site, I like how you described the member party at the Cove. 😉
    I saw a pic of it on another site,, and it was almost JUST like you described it on your post. On CP my username is IamSkylar, and i am almost ALWAYS on, so maybe I’ll bump in to you sometime..

  2. Mandmsarecol says:

    Thanks! I hope we can “bump” into each other!

  3. Mandmsarecol says:

    Also, ive seen the pic you are talking about! (P.S. i did not copy paintboy100!)

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