Sever Problems Yesterday :(

Club Penguin was having HUGE server problems yesterday which made it almost impossible to play. There are currently no reports of the cause on Club Penguin’s website but roumors say it was just a regular server check that made the problems. If you were making a purchase on anything while this happened you might not have the item, but your money is gone, or you might have the item but your money that you used to pay for the item is still there. A patch in Club Penguin’s severs may be mandatory which means that there might be more problems today. Bummer…

Mandmsarecol :mrgreen:


4 Responses to Sever Problems Yesterday :(

  1. preciousjewl says:

    really? I haven’t noticed!

  2. Mandmsarecol says:

    hmmmmmmm… I got various error and corrupt server messages while trying to log in that made it so I could’nt play… mabey it was just my computer. Well, my friend that lives 2 towns away from me had the same problems. Mabey it’s a local thing?

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