Water Party Update!

Hey! I am shure all of you have had the time to check out the water party by now but just in case you did not know, there is the umbrella hat for free in the coffee shop. Also there will be a contest coming out soon (that will happen) on my blog! Keep on checking in because there will be a small time limit! :mrgreen:

Mandmsarecol :mrgreen:


5 Responses to Water Party Update!

  1. disco999 says:

    hello hey i want going to email u about this but i couldnt because hotmail was not working but can i like put
    (C)opyrights 2007 Disco999’s and Mandmsarecol’s Web Site?

  2. Mandmsarecol says:

    Like do you mean for you to use info from my site or just having us kind of be a team? Because I want to be a team is that’s what you’r asking.

  3. disco999 says:

    i will only use your info if i ask and yes i would liketo be a team thats y im asking
    i have do it on so of my pages

  4. Mandmsarecol says:

    Yeah! That sounds great! I’ll start using it right now!

  5. Tennis!!!!!!!! says:

    THE WATER PARTY WAS SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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