Just A Heads Up!

Hey! Another heads up… I will be taking the next week off on my blog and Club Penguin, and no, I am still interested in my blog and CP, I just want to take a small break, that’s all! To make the reason of taking a brek more clear I am camping for 5 days starting later today. Also, I have noticed that there are a whole bunch of sites that have the 7th Harry Potter ending and lists of spoilers… PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THEM ON MY SITE VIA COMMENT!!! I know that there are many people (including me) who are still reading the series and don’t want to know anything!


Mandmsarecol 😀


6 Responses to Just A Heads Up!

  1. disco999 says:

    i think harry potter is cool
    i have seen 1,2 and 3 movies and about to watch the 4th

  2. Slimball2007 says:

    hi plz join or be friends with the TIB at http://www.slimball2007.wordpress.com 尾rじょいん!!!!!

  3. disco999 says:


  4. hesscar says:

    im reading it 2

  5. aguair says:

    Hey Mandmsarecool,
    It’s aguair and I have added you to my blogroll, please take a look at my site coz i remembered your comment! Thanks

  6. bomber2 says:

    Hey Mandmsarecol! will u visit me on cp!! If u can can u tell me a server a day and a tiime (not p.s.t)

    Visit my website at





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