Yay! I am really happy!

Hey, guys ! (when I say guys I mean everyone who reads my blog) I am here today to post about good news, and kinda bad news. The good news: My site is getting more and more popular which means more hits, more comments, more conversation, and more CLUB PENGUIN! Scince I started in March, almost 10,000 hits is way more than I expected! The (kinda) bad news: More popularity also means I have to spend more time working on my blog and when there are about 15 comments evry hour, I can’t get back to many questions via comment. Well, I guess you can’t have it all!

To reward everyone who has been reading for a while and staying loyal, I just want to say “thanks”! You helped me with my blog, yes, you! You all encouraged me to keep going and now I am almost at 10,000 hits! To say “Thanks!” a little more, evryone is invited to my igloo (I just upgraded to fishbowl yesterday!) on monday 2:00 through 3:00 on snow plow! See you there!

Mandmsarecol :mrgreen:



4 Responses to Yay! I am really happy!

  1. disco999 says:

    i had i fishbowl but someone hacked me and changed it to the snow igloo
    well done on getting 10,000 hits i have just found out that my site is on google i have been emailing them about like 50 times
    i have so bad news about cp you cant use numbers anymore(1234445667889) it sucks because i always use numbers oh theres a new mission too

  2. Mandmsarecol says:

    WHAT?! YOU CAN’T USE NUMBERS ANYMORE?! I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST PUNTUATION! NOOOOOOOOOO! Also it is horrible that someone hacked you!

  3. Mandmsarecol says:

    Also are you going to my party?

  4. Brady3030 says:

    is the party this monday or was it last monday?

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