Want to be in my band?

Hey guys! Would you like to be in my band for CP? If you do then I have great news for you!

Over and over Ive seen bands practice and play at the stage for quite a long time and thought how cool would that be, so, I thought why not advertise on my site? So here we are! To tryout, you have to come tommorow at 12:00 pm on the server snow plow. I will be at the ice burg untill 12:10 for people who just want to see me and be my buddy. Then I will open my igloo for people who are trying out only and i will close off my igloo at 12:15 . You will not be trying out as in for skill in playing the instrument (that would be DUMB!) but just chatting with me. That is how i will choose the band members! The most inportant thing is BE YOURSELF! Ok?

Here are the instruments accepted:

(For members)

1 Electric Gitar (red or black)

1 Drums (snare drum optional for practices)

All members must be at least 45 to join.

(for non-members)

There is no age limit for non-members.

1 Piano/synthisizer

There are only 3 opinings avalible so good luck!

Mandmsarecol 🙂

P.S. Check out Important info for new info!


13 Responses to Want to be in my band?

  1. coop014 says:

    hey i have all of it can i be in it?

  2. coop014 says:

    ohh and im 201 days old in cp

  3. Brady3030 says:

    U asked me to be in ur band 2 days ago on club penguin… I accept! Im a non- member soo only 2 more spots to fill… ASK NC OF NQ HE NON MEMBER AND MY BEST FRIEND, besides u mandmsarecol! (Im like 80 days now)

  4. O_o says:

    Mandmsarecol wanted me to tell you that he was planning on recheduleing the auditions for September 4th. I know it is a long time away but Mandmsarecol thinks it is best… also he is away and wont be posting for awhile…
    -Mandmsarecol’s Service Team (The O_o Team)

  5. Brady3030 says:

    Mandmsarecol.. im now a member!!!

  6. Brady3030 says:

    and i cant get on cp anymore in the morning cause i got football practice… check out my igloo and tell me if u want me to add anything to it.. its awsome!!!!!!!!!!

  7. bomber2 says:

    plz plz plz can i join! i was on hoiday when you posted this and i didnt see it until today! please can i join!

  8. briggs says:

    i really need money becouse im in a real band and my frends think im like a noob at this game and stuff and im olso a member ill just be happy if i even can join the band wuo wuo wuo by by tell me if i am

  9. zoeykmetz says:

    me and i want to meat you at the mine shaft april 11 the server snow globe the time is 12:00pm

  10. Brclel says:

    I have some mararocas!!!!!!! PLEASE LET ME JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :]]]]]]]]])))))))))))

  11. yellowfin963 says:

    i wanna join! my name is yellowfin963 and my fave server is Ice pond

  12. yellowfin963 says:


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