What’s Up???

Hey guys! I’m back! I’m still not into clubpenguin but at least I’m back! I’m feeling bad about abandoning the site so I’ve been looking around for people to leve in charge and promote to author, or mabey even admin, if you’re lucky šŸ˜‰

Again, I feel bad because this website is doing so well, I hate to see it cripple like this!

You know what, I usually say don’t attack me with comments and e-mails, but I’m turning things upsidedown. Try to impress me!

You guys rock!

Mandmsarecol :mrgreen:

My e-mail is tex@flashflashrevolution.com, go crazy… just NO SPAM!


8 Responses to What’s Up???

  1. firedemon7 says:

    if you don’t like cp then wats up with the cp stuff like at the top of the site and all?

  2. lawnwake says:

    I used to. That’s why. I don’t use the site anymore. My new one is at http://www.theballoonsarehungry.wordpress.com check it out.

  3. bomber2 says:

    Well, You made my first ever comment on my site but im not sure if i have time for this site seing as im admin on Papercuter, Lilguy574 and my blog! but i hope you pic someone good!

  4. fisher1111 says:

    My party is out maybe all u should get ur tails out here now before 500-530 PM so get over to snow covere and go to my igloo i hav e like 48 ppl now its not going so well so plz come and spruce the party up i have like let me count…………22 ppl now huuuuurrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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