So You Think You Can Run My Website???

May 3, 2008

Ok, I’m still looking for someone to take over, so in order to slim things down… POST A COMMENT ON THIS POST IF YOU WANT TO BE IN CONTROL. ONLY POST IF YOU WANT TO.

Just post a link to your previous website/blog (which is needed for experience check) and I’ll check it out.

I LOVE You Guys So Much!

Mandmsarecol :mrgreen:

P.S. Pleaseeeeeeeee visit my new website HERE!!! It will mean soooo much to me! Just don’t talk about CP there because again, it’s a entertainment website.


What’s Up???

February 6, 2008

Hey guys! I’m back! I’m still not into clubpenguin but at least I’m back! I’m feeling bad about abandoning the site so I’ve been looking around for people to leve in charge and promote to author, or mabey even admin, if you’re lucky 😉

Again, I feel bad because this website is doing so well, I hate to see it cripple like this!

You know what, I usually say don’t attack me with comments and e-mails, but I’m turning things upsidedown. Try to impress me!

You guys rock!

Mandmsarecol :mrgreen:

My e-mail is, go crazy… just NO SPAM!

Possibile Blog Inactivity?!?!

November 27, 2007

Hey guys, I don’t want you getting the wrong message when I say this, but, (BRACE YOURSELF)

This might be my last blog post here.

Yeah, well as some of you have already guessed… I have moved on from Club Penguin. Yes, I hate it now and question why I did it in the first place… well, I also guess I got too old for it… a 14 year old should not be doing CP, it’s not cool… not cool at all. But you know I still have another blog, and I would LOVE (!!!!) you guys to read it! But note it is a personall blog… that my friends read too, so please, if you visit (which I want you to do really, really, really bad!), please don’t mention Club Penguin, or call me Mandmsarecol. Just call me Randy there. I Repeat. DO NOT USE MY CP NAME ON MY OTHER BLOG OR MENTION CLUB PENGUIN,DON’T ASK FOR CHEATS OR TIPS OR ANYTHING CLUB PENGUIN. IT’S EMBARRASSING NOW!

Don’t follow the rules and I will delete your comment and ask for you to leave.

Ok… heres the link.

Also remember I am 14… yeah, so the content might be a little bad… just a fair warning 😉

  Lawn_Wake (formally Mandmsarecol :mrgreen: )

August Catolouge Cheats!

August 7, 2007

Here are the new catolouge cheats! 🙂

Swim Googles

Red Viking Helmet

Blue Viking helmet : Open and close the red viking helmet 3-4 times.

The Red electric guitar!

 Well there you have it!

Waddle On!

-Mandmsarecol :mrgreen:


 © 2007 Paintboy100 and Antras. All rights reserved.

Want to be in my band?

August 7, 2007

Hey guys! Would you like to be in my band for CP? If you do then I have great news for you!

Over and over Ive seen bands practice and play at the stage for quite a long time and thought how cool would that be, so, I thought why not advertise on my site? So here we are! To tryout, you have to come tommorow at 12:00 pm on the server snow plow. I will be at the ice burg untill 12:10 for people who just want to see me and be my buddy. Then I will open my igloo for people who are trying out only and i will close off my igloo at 12:15 . You will not be trying out as in for skill in playing the instrument (that would be DUMB!) but just chatting with me. That is how i will choose the band members! The most inportant thing is BE YOURSELF! Ok?

Here are the instruments accepted:

(For members)

1 Electric Gitar (red or black)

1 Drums (snare drum optional for practices)

All members must be at least 45 to join.

(for non-members)

There is no age limit for non-members.

1 Piano/synthisizer

There are only 3 opinings avalible so good luck!

Mandmsarecol 🙂

P.S. Check out Important info for new info!

Yay! I am really happy!

August 5, 2007

Hey, guys ! (when I say guys I mean everyone who reads my blog) I am here today to post about good news, and kinda bad news. The good news: My site is getting more and more popular which means more hits, more comments, more conversation, and more CLUB PENGUIN! Scince I started in March, almost 10,000 hits is way more than I expected! The (kinda) bad news: More popularity also means I have to spend more time working on my blog and when there are about 15 comments evry hour, I can’t get back to many questions via comment. Well, I guess you can’t have it all!

To reward everyone who has been reading for a while and staying loyal, I just want to say “thanks”! You helped me with my blog, yes, you! You all encouraged me to keep going and now I am almost at 10,000 hits! To say “Thanks!” a little more, evryone is invited to my igloo (I just upgraded to fishbowl yesterday!) on monday 2:00 through 3:00 on snow plow! See you there!

Mandmsarecol :mrgreen:


A Letter From The Founders Of Club Penguin

August 4, 2007

Tooken from used with care.

“We’re delighted to announce Club Penguin has joined the Walt Disney Company in a business partnership that will provide a wide range of exciting and unique development opportunities.

When we launched Club Penguin in October 2005 we had a clear vision of a virtual world so fun and safe that we, and other adults around the world, would feel completely comfortable letting our own children and grandchildren visit. As word about Club Penguin spread and the popularity of the site grew, we were approached by countless international organizations about partnerships. From the outset, we made it clear we weren’t willing to compromise the integrity of what we’d created and would only work with a company that shared our founding principles and core values.

Disney is that company. It is the world’s best loved and most respected provider of family entertainment with a strong commitment to providing safe fun. As Club Penguin heads into its third year in operation, the Walt Disney Company is perfectly positioned to help take it to the next level.

Although we’ve achieved great success to date and have reached more children than we ever dreamed in a relatively short period of time without having to rely on advertising or other traditional forms of marketing, there are limits to what a small, independent company like ours can accomplish alone. Disney’s resources, infrastructure and experience will allow Club Penguin to provide an even better online entertainment experience to existing users while allowing greater global reach.

One of our long range plans has always been to open the Club Penguin experience up to a broader range of users by offering Club Penguin in languages other than English. That is now a much more immediate goal, and it’s just one example of what this partnership will mean for Club Penguin. With Disney’s backing, our creative and talented staff will be able to innovate and produce new content much more quickly and efficiently, making the website more fun, exciting and safe than ever before.

As the site’s founders, we will continue to lead and guide Club Penguin, retaining control over the day-to-day operations and direction of the site while working closely with Disney to make Club Penguin the best it can be. In addition, we remain committed to our policy of allowing no advertising on the site.

As we move into this next exciting stage in Club Penguin’s development we want to thank you for your support and for entrusting us with the care of your children as they waddle around and meet new friends in the snowy virtual world we created.”