So You Think You Can Run My Website???

May 3, 2008

Ok, I’m still looking for someone to take over, so in order to slim things down… POST A COMMENT ON THIS POST IF YOU WANT TO BE IN CONTROL. ONLY POST IF YOU WANT TO.

Just post a link to your previous website/blog (which is needed for experience check) and I’ll check it out.

I LOVE You Guys So Much!

Mandmsarecol :mrgreen:

P.S. Pleaseeeeeeeee visit my new website HERE!!! It will mean soooo much to me! Just don’t talk about CP there because again, it’s a entertainment website.


Possibile Blog Inactivity?!?!

November 27, 2007

Hey guys, I don’t want you getting the wrong message when I say this, but, (BRACE YOURSELF)

This might be my last blog post here.

Yeah, well as some of you have already guessed… I have moved on from Club Penguin. Yes, I hate it now and question why I did it in the first place… well, I also guess I got too old for it… a 14 year old should not be doing CP, it’s not cool… not cool at all. But you know I still have another blog, and I would LOVE (!!!!) you guys to read it! But note it is a personall blog… that my friends read too, so please, if you visit (which I want you to do really, really, really bad!), please don’t mention Club Penguin, or call me Mandmsarecol. Just call me Randy there. I Repeat. DO NOT USE MY CP NAME ON MY OTHER BLOG OR MENTION CLUB PENGUIN,DON’T ASK FOR CHEATS OR TIPS OR ANYTHING CLUB PENGUIN. IT’S EMBARRASSING NOW!

Don’t follow the rules and I will delete your comment and ask for you to leave.

Ok… heres the link.

Also remember I am 14… yeah, so the content might be a little bad… just a fair warning 😉

  Lawn_Wake (formally Mandmsarecol :mrgreen: )

Read My Blog And Win!

June 24, 2007

Hey! Mandmsarecol here with a HUGE announcement! In the next 3 weeks there will be lots and lots of contests, raffles, and prizes!!! Contests will be in “post” form and if you check my blog regularly, you wont miss anything!

Just another advantage of reading my blog.

From: Mandmsarecol 😎

The Cove!

May 29, 2007

Last weekend i was busy on Club Penguin and could’nt find out how to put pictures on my blog so i could’nt tell you about the members party. This is going to be hard because almost everyone in CP has seen the cove now but non-members, here was what the party was like.

The party was stuffed and cramped but fun anyways. The trees were covered in blue ribbon-like stuff. In the cove there was a DJ booth and nice music going on in the background (to bad its gone now). In the forest there was a big sign that said “The cove is down the stairs!” with a penguin pointing down to the cove and there was also a juice booth near the trees. There were free whistles and life rings there too (the whistles are still there for non-members but the life rings are gone).

It was a nice party but now that all the decorations are gone the cove looks blank. But there is some weird new building that looks like it is under construction at the cove. Better check this weeks newspaper.


Mandmsarecol :mrgreen:

New Igloo Stuff

May 20, 2007

On friday the new igloo catolouge came out along with the new igloo flooring. The new stuff was a hit! The new flooring was painted-on dance steps and a dance-floor flooring. The dance-step flooring was not so popular and was ugly in most igloos, but the dance floor flooring was really popular and looked so cool in my igloo, it was by far my favorite igloo flooring. 😀 It was also my favorite furniture catolouge. That came out on friday too. Its top items were the DJ Booth, the microphone, the posters, and the concert lights. It is a shame that Club Penguin made the Big Screen TV cheat free. Overall, this was a high point in Club Penguin catolouge history. :mrgreen:

Mandmsarecol :mrgreen:

New Stuff! A breif preview of whats coming to Club Penguin!

May 15, 2007

It’s time to announce the upcoming updates in Club Penguin(CP)! On friday, there is going to be a new funiture catolouge and new igloo flooring! With the new igloo flooring im really exited because im hoping it is something cool, not like brown carpet or something ugly like that, but something… new! I think it would be so cool to have ice floors, like the ice rink, so you could skate around and stuff! Anyway, i hope the furniture cotolouge is nice and new, mostly because the last one was a big dissapointment! Also the new clothing book is coming out! The paper says it will have a “sweet summer style“. Sounds nice! The dates of those releses follow.

May 18 – New furniture catolouge

New igloo flooring

May 25 – New pin (Not noted above)

June 1 – New clothing catolouge

That is all for now!

Mandmsarecol :mrgreen:

Can You Tip The “Boat”?!

May 12, 2007

Well there is a rumor going around that it is possible to tip the boat by drilling on it. The reward would be 4000 coins and the red cape, but i dont believe that you can. Well you CAN’T tip the iceberg, you CAN’T tip the dock, now can you tip the boat? Try it, it just might work!

Edit: You can not tip the boat. It’s impossible.