The Best Way To Get Coins: The Results!!!

May 12, 2007

Yay! After less than 24 hours i have got the results! Cart surfer is the official winner because you can get a maxumum 600 coins per 6 minutes if you follow the steps in the next post, but anyway, heres more. The avaerage results in coins were about 300, and that took about 4 minutes… AMAZING!

So if you want lots of coins, and fast, head to the mine shaft, that is the best choice. But not necessarily the only smart choice. There is other good money makers in CP! Here is a top list of them… (please note that this a chart of the fastest and best games to get coins on and not necessarily ranked on how fun they are.)

AMAZING!  :mrgreen:

1.Cart Surfer

2.Pizzatron 3000 (Check my spelling)

OK  🙂

3.(Tie) Sleding and Balastic Biscuit

BAD! 😦  



4.Ice Fishing (It takes too long for my taste)

5.Puffle Roundup

6.Jet Pack Adventure (Even though it is very fun and you can get a 1000 coin bonus)

7.Arcade Games (Fun though)

8.Board Games (You geuesed it! Fun!)

9.Anything else 

Thats Only My Opinion Though… Post What You Think! I want to know! Untill next time, Mandmsarecol 😀


The best way to get coins: The Mission!

May 11, 2007

Hi! Mandmsarecol here! Today i will talk about how to get the most coins! But here is the problem… diffrent people think diffrent ideas… but i will tell you what is best! I think it is cart surfer but other people think that it is Pizzatron 3000 (plaease tell me if i spelt that wrong). The best way to get coins is in the LEAST amount of time and has to be played well. Be back with my responce soon!