Hey guys! It is time for a conntest!

What you have to do is send me a picture of your penguin in a goofy outfit to and the one I like best will win 4000 coins, his/her penguin’s picture on the front of my blog, AND a chance to be my buddy!

Just follow the instructions above, send the pic, and win!

No edited pics, please. I can tell if they are edited, and if they are, I will delete them and you will have no chance of winning.

-Just another advantage of reading my blog!

~Mandmsarecol :mrgreen:


12 Responses to NEW CONTEST!

  1. disco999 says:

    ok thats great ill do it right now

  2. bomber2 says:

    u copied me! o well who cares!

  3. Mandmsarecol says:

    I did not copy you… this was origanal!

  4. bomber2 says:

    i did a wacky clothing contest at the start of august!

  5. Dustyflipper says:

    I realy like ur website but it needs to be up dated MORE offen.

  6. spicerbenup says:

    Wana Move Peoples Stuff In There Igloo

    Weel If You Want To Know Go To

    Go On Do It Now!

  7. lawnwake says:

    Hey, it’s mandmsarecol… I gave up Club Penguin A long time ago because here is the truth… it’s (no offence) stupid. Ok, so I have stoped posting but my personal blog is at Visit all you want but no club penguin stuff or comments, ok?
    Mandmsarecol :mrgreen: (now Lawn Wake)

  8. hey manu07 here i need some new staff for my website any volunteers

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