Possibile Blog Inactivity?!?!

November 27, 2007

Hey guys, I don’t want you getting the wrong message when I say this, but, (BRACE YOURSELF)

This might be my last blog post here.

Yeah, well as some of you have already guessed… I have moved on from Club Penguin. Yes, I hate it now and question why I did it in the first place… well, I also guess I got too old for it… a 14 year old should not be doing CP, it’s not cool… not cool at all. But you know I still have another blog, and I would LOVE (!!!!) you guys to read it! But note it is a personall blog… that my friends read too, so please, if you visit (which I want you to do really, really, really bad!), please don’t mention Club Penguin, or call me Mandmsarecol. Just call me Randy there. I Repeat. DO NOT USE MY CP NAME ON MY OTHER BLOG OR MENTION CLUB PENGUIN,DON’T ASK FOR CHEATS OR TIPS OR ANYTHING CLUB PENGUIN. IT’S EMBARRASSING NOW!

Don’t follow the rules and I will delete your comment and ask for you to leave.

Ok… heres the link. www.theballoonsarehungry.wordpress.com

Also remember I am 14… yeah, so the content might be a little bad… just a fair warning 😉

  Lawn_Wake (formally Mandmsarecol :mrgreen: )